Run From USB thumb drive

  1. Gently insert the USB thumb drive connector plug into the USB socket.
  2. Locate the Windows Start button on your Windows desktop and right click it.
  3. Left click Open Windows Explorer
  4. Locate the thumb drive letter and icon under the heading, Computer.
  5. Click the thumb drive icon to show the goddgames folder.
  6. Double click the goddgames folder and locate the orb folder.
  7. Double click the orb folder and locate the wgge.exe program run file.
    Note: There are two files named wgge. You must be able to see file extensions such as exe to locate the correct file. If you cannot see the extension, proceed to step 8. Otherwise go to step 10.
  8. Click on Tools in Windows Explorer .A small menu drops down. Click on Folder options.
  9. When the Folder options window opens, click on the View tab. Find the Hide extensions for known files check box and uncheck it. Click OK to close the Folder options window.
  10. Locate the wgge.exe file and double click it.
  11. The Player Game Name window opens. Click the Player Name entry box with the mouse then type your name. Click Go