PLP Influence Kit

Price: $300

You get 30 Past Life Cards in the Past Life Deck -- each one connects to a time-zone that has formed a large and important part of your spiritual life over thousands of years, local time.

Your PLP Influence Kit consists of a Past Life Deck, 30 Orb Flash Drive and a PLP ( Past Life Pain) Pendant.

Impingements from these past lives into the present life cause an incredible amount of impact on daily life and activities. Past Life Hooks are like barnacles -- they stick to you no matter where you go, and they can influence you greatly, and affect your day with needless misery and suffering.

Past life pain is not just about the body. There's pain of all kinds, from a wide variety of sources that emanate from an even larger field of similar sensations, emotions, thoughts and spiritual sufferings, such as anxiety, worry, fear and uncertainty.

So you want to "cast off" the "hooks" of past life pain, and there is a way to do it, a way that has been known for dozens of centuries local time, but there's now a far easier way to accomplish the same thing, without years and years of training in visualization and affirmation, because all those are arranged in the correct sequence for triggering by you as you run through an Orb, (an electronic quantum world projected onscreen in front of you ). They are the precise affirmation needed in the overall sequence, or "electronic ritual".

The way the Orbs work is by conjoining things that are connected by SIMILARITY or CONTAGION, meaning that they either LOOK like the thing itself, or they have been TOUCHED TO the thing -- in either case, there's now a connection where once there wasn't.

It's the basis for a LOT of magical operations, getting the things in contact with each other in some way, even if not in the physical world. So you put a PHOTOGRAPH of someone you love in a frame and put it on the nightstand or on your desk.

This establishes CONTACT, more than just thinking about the person -- it brings you back, whether you're aware of it or not, with the EXACT MOMENT THE SHUTTER WAS SNAPPED.

It's a way of bending time just slightly, enough to put you out of phase, and therefore open to HIGHER INFLUENCES and the spiritual plane.

This OUT-OF-PHASE STATE is just exactly what you want -- it's the crux of meditation, the goal of all forms of self-silencing.

Out of Phase means that you can now easily slide into COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS, which in turn makes REMOTE VIEWING easy and safe.

But which Orb to run?

Easy answer -- you lightly and gently shuffle the Past Life Deck, and when it feels "right", deal out the ten-card layout which is enclosed, addressing each card as it comes out of the pack, but landing on the FINAL OUTCOME CARD as the "Hot Card", and that's the Orb you or your Runner will run.

You can run Orbs for another, if they're unable to do so. Merely type in the name of the person for whom you are doing a Remote Run.

You can also run for individuals who are not in body. Ask about how to accomplish this -- it takes some skill and training is needed for this or any Afterlife or Between-Lives Operation.

Don't forget that when you run through an Orb, you are touching and setting off specific and powerful quantum magic elements, unfolding in a coherent and sequential "recipe" of affirmations, every bit as powerful and effective as anything you could do in the organic body, but it's all enacted in the Quantum Digital Realm of "Gorebagg's World".

This is creating a synergistic complex affirmation that

takes prayer to a whole new level. The real power of affirmation is acknowledgement. Own it, get it, be it, cop to it, grok it, embrace it. The more you take responsibility, the less hypnotic and post-hypnotic suggestions can overwhelm you and take you down.

In short, if a voice says, "You read the book of Sekhmet," you can nod in agreement, smile in acknowledgement and THEN nod in agreement, verbally repeat the statement as coming from you, such as "Yes, I read the book of Sekhmet", even though you didn't actually read it in your awareness, but rest assured, your avatar DID read the requisite chapter.

Any variant of agreement will work just fine, but make sure you agree on every action in the run -- it's all gotta be in there, every element.

Through the "Waldo Effect", where your actions are translated into a space into which you normally cannot reach, you can now project your INNER WORLD onto a videoscreen, and through the actions of videogaming, you can literally reach into the deepest levels of metaprogramming and change things in your everyday world through the manifestations of the Quantum World.

It's the only way to CONSCIOUSLY effect change in your deep self. And it's simple!

Just put on your PLP pendant first thing in the morning, then fire up your laptop or desktop PC, perform a standard 10-card layout of the INFLUENCE DECK, and run the Orb indicated by the "Final Outcome" card -- it'll take ten minutes, tops.

The rest of the day, you're free from Past Life Influence.

Without those additional burdens and dragging effects coming to you from your past encounters, your day will go a whole lot better.

As you run the Orbs, there are powerups and all sorts of magical benefits that stack up and add to your willpower, your charisma and your ability to handle stress.

It's all done for you.

Everything is programmed in, so you don't have to do anything but RUN, and these are beautiful spaces, so you will get a boost even from the aesthetics of the Orbs and cards.

So at the end of the run, you'll have INVOKED the aid of:

  • PROTECTION CHARM -- This is a charm carried in pocket, purse or pouch by your Avatar. There are about a dozen charms representing actual existing charms in my studio, which are activated by wearing. As you put it on, the name of the charm will be also uttered.
  • PROTECTION AMULET -- Different in function from the Protection Charm, the Ammy will keep bad INFLUENCES away as your Avatar makes the run, which takes about five minutes to complete.
  • BOOK OF SECRETS -- Your Avatar will read a MAGICAL SECRET SPELL with a powerful incantation and Power Mantra finish -- this will penetrate into the Real World in relation to your ability to remain in the Pure State. "NOVICE" means "No Vice". Stay away from sugar and salt while running an Orb, meaning Tacos & Milk Chocolate would not be a great idea.
  • MAGICAL POWDERS -- The many possible powders that you will find and use in the Orb are models made from actual magical powders made in the year 1967 by AUNT NETTIE, original owner of the CROSS CANDLE CO. in south-central Los Angeles, a reliable source of properly made Lunar and Solar incenses, powders and sticks.
  • MAGICAL INCENSES -- You have a variety of incenses available, given according to sheer luck, guided by a Randomity Generator in the back of the shop -- well, actually in the .ini file, but who's counting? Again, these are models made from actual samples of incense from my personal collection of antique incenses, including many potent incenses from Tibet and Nepal.
  • ESSENTIAL OILS -- As a perfumer, I can tell you that all the TONES of the digital versions of the OILS are precisely tuned to the SOUND and LIGHT frequencies associated with each oil -- as you know, each oil has its own digital "signature". My incenses were purchased in the 1960s by the greats of the music and entertainment industry and my clientele included the biggest stars of stage, big screen and tv, and now YOU have access to their magical digital equivalents, and it doesn't cost a fortune, either! You get as much digital perfume as you want, forever, and it works just as if you were wearing a heavy dose of it on your organic body!
  • GENERATORS -- A series of Magical Generators awaits your beck & call within the data-cell of the electronic Orb in which you're running. Generators do exactly what it sounds like they do -- they generate. That means something seems to come from nothing, but nothing comes from nothing, if you know what I mean.
  • CANDLES -- You burn one or more Magical Power Candles in the Orb as you run through it. Different Orbs will have different candles available, but all of them will have about a dozen that are currently trending for your Avatar.
  • GEMSTONE EGGS -- These are Magical Quantum Eggs, similar to the World-Egg of ancient civilizations. These are spinning energy forms that have an egg-like shape to them. They tend to soften the barriers and blur the edges of reality, shifting your Avatar slightly Out Of Phase, making quantum events accessible to the consciousness of your Avatar, and quite possibly that might leak over to you, the Operator of the Avatar. It sometimes happens that an Awakening can occur for both of you at the same time.
  • CRYSTALS -- Not the garden-variety you get at your local psychic fair or spiritual festival, these are models made from actual ancient crystals from the Atlantean Period, about 24,000 B.C. or earlier. My crystals are not for sale, not now, not ever, but you can USE them in this form, free & forever. They tie directly to my set which are kept in a special place, along with the PROTOTYPES and ARCHETYPES of every single magical item that appears in any of my Orbs. There's an ORIGINAL of that item somewhere in my MAGICALLY ACTIVE COLLECTION of work tools.
  • WANDS -- Of COURSE there are magical wands -- what kind of magical Orb would fail to have at least one wand for your Avatar to carry and to use at great need??? You get ONE of a variety of possible wands, meaning that once again, my Randomity-Generator will select a magical weapon for you, choosing the one that will work best on the current configuration of the Orb -- it varies.

- E.J Gold -

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