1. Locate the downloaded orb exe file.
  2. Rapidly click it twice with the left mouse button.
  3. You may see a user account control warning. Click the Yes button.
  4. The orb setup wizard starts with a Welcome window. Click Next.
  5. The Licence Agreement window now opens. Click I accept the agreement then click Next .
  6. Do not make any changes to the name of the destination folder.
  7. Leave the Create shortcuts on the Desktop checked in the Select Programs Menu Folder. Click Next.
  8. The Ready to Install window opens. Click Install to continue.
  9. Installation may take several minutes.
  10. Uncheck the Launch (Orb) box by clicking on it using the left mouse button if you want to prevent it from launching immediately. End the installation by clicking on Finish.
  11. After installing an orb you may see an installation warning. Place the cursor on This program installed correctly and click with the left mouse button to close the window.