Find and Email Goddrun.log

The steps for this procedure are:

  1. Find the GODDRUN.LOG in the folder for the orb.
  2. Open the GODDRUN.LOG file and copy its contents.
  3. Start your email program, paste the contents of the GODDRUN.LOG file into an email and send it to the person who requested the file.

Find the GODDRUN.LOG File

  1. Right click the Windows Start button
  2. Click Open Windows Explorer
  3. Find the C: label for your hard drive under the heading Computer.
  4. Click C: drive and navigate to the goddgames folder
  5. Double click the goddgames folder and navigate to the orb folder.
  6. Double click the orb folder and navigate to GODDRUN.LOG

If you cannot see the .LOG extension continue with step 7, otherwise go to step 1 of: Open and Copy the GODDRUN.LOG File.

  1. Change your folder options. Click on Tools then Folder options...
  2. Choose the View tab from Folder Options.
  3. Under Advanced settings, go to Hide extensions for known file types and remove the check mark.
  4. Click on OK to close Folder Options and save your changes.
  5. You should now see GODDRUN.LOG with its .LOG extension

Open and Copy the GODDRUN.LOG File

  1. Double click the GODDRUN.LOG file to open it in Notepad
  2. Press Ctrl+A to select all the text.
  3. Press Ctrl+C to copy the selected text.
  4. Close Notepad and Windows Explorer.

Paste the GODDRUN.LOG file Text into an Email.

  1. Start your email program to send a new email message.
  2. Press Ctrl+V to paste the GODDRUN.LOG text.
  3. Send the message to the email address of the person who requested the GODDRUN.LOG file.