People will say you seem so different

"It happened!! my boss today told me: "Helena you look great, I don't really know what it is, but you seem to be more cheerful and lighter, what's your secret???" and then I remembered E.J. saying this would happen! Good feedback to keep on working!"

H.M. -- Chicago

"Sometimes the best feedback comes from unexpected outside ( meaning from outside our own brains) sources. Today I was told by someone I am working with on a greenhouse - who sees me infrequently - that I had never been as relaxed as he saw today. That was when the longer term effects of the Orbs of Prosperity Path hit home."

E.B -- Arizona

"After running an orb, and spending some time in conscious - ness I woke up this morning feeling so good it should have been illegal. It was such a change that one of my neighbors, I know only superficially, remarked upon it.

Thank you E.J."

S.W. -- Sacramento