Fear Orb & Running For Others

Posted by K.F. on Prosperity Path Forum

Incredibly demanding and non-stop day at work. Come home and by 8:00 pm I am in bed and fall asleep. Dream that I am viewing a literal labyrinth as if I am standing atop one of its walls. There are several items set on the tops of the walls (appear to be vases). I get a telepathic message from E.J. Gold stating that .What is IN the Labyrinth is more important than what is ABOVE it.. I wake up and receive a call from work. One of our terminally ill clients has just passed away (I work for an Agency providing support for Developmentally Disabled Adults living in the Community). I grab my things and prepare to leave. As I.m doing this, I see my banged up copy of the American Book of the Dead, grab it and shove it in my workbag. I can hear the Narrator from the Fear Orb inform me that I am .now carrying a copy of the American Book of the Dead..

Arrive at the apartment and S is washing J.s body and dressing her in her favorite clothes as we wait for Hospice to arrive. A couple hours later, I help the funeral director cart the body to her van and drive home under a clear starry sky. My house is quiet and everyone is asleep. I light a single tea light candle and begin the first 5 ABD readings. I then go to my basement and run the Fear Orb, this time running it FOR J.

First run for another person. I select the body I know she would like most and begin. EVERY pick up is magical. I can honestly feel the power of blessing operating through me as a vehicle while directing her through the maze. I am feeling the truly valuable power of each item and its quality (intuition, magic find, fear reduction, essential self-empowerment). Stats read like a karmic printout modified by the run. Fear Orb is Moving Prayer.

J was a lovely woman who lived a wonderfully adventurous life despite having Downs Syndrome. Her adventure continues and I have to say running on behalf of another is simultaneously humbling and empowering. With the Coupling Link in place, it is truly a means to direct good energy. Obviously we can run for the living, the dead and anyone in between. I have to say, this Game has just been upgraded in my own field of consciousness as a result of running for another. It may sound odd to state that .I played a video game for a woman who just passed away. but my use and experience of this unique vehicle has been one of pure and powerful prayer. I think there is absolute potential to develop specific techniques of running over time to serve this purpose with even greater effectiveness. For now, it did beyond well. Blessings to J, the P-Path Creators and All of you Fellow Voyagers!