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Metatool Functions

ADDICTION -- Generally understood to refer to drugs like coffee, tea, alchohol, tobacco and other harmful substances, most of which are either legal or commonly distributed by local hoodlums, but addiction is a very all-encompassing subject which has many levels of meaning and involvement, most of which are in the realm of Spirit, not body. Death and Rebirth is an addiction. Human form reincarnation is an addiction. Buddhahood is an addiction. Reset your thinking about this.

Everybody's addicted to something. Some addictions are popular and widespread and taxable and therefore legal, like alcohol, tobacco and firearms; others are part of an underculture and therefore branded illegal and bad, such as -- well, you know what I customs are dictated by dominance and submission of a variety of social groups and the dynamics between them often creates apparency of "right" and "wrong" when really the problem is one of personal will and ability to carry out one's purpose for being here on planet Earth in the first place. This popular Orb is designed to help the Being, the Essential Self, grab hold of the wheel and start to steer the car away from addiction of any kind.

Prosperity Path Experimental Orb
For Non-Medical Spiritual Use Only
A Trans-Dimensional Meditation
No claims of any kind are made.

wow! THANK YOU!!! I just ran my first run of the brand new 'Addiction' orb and had a really great feeling. I look forward to all of your help!


I ran the 'addiction' one (thinking maybe it can help me to eat more in moderation, lol! Urth orb's: the new psychic diet plan)