Full Bundle of All Prosperity Path Orbs

Price: $189.99

What is the Full Bundle?

The "full bundle" is a memory stick (thumbdrive) with an installer for every Standard Orb and Desolving Radiation Orb currently in print. If you want to know which orbs are currently in print, take a look at the full alphabetical listing of orbs.

When we get your order, we fill the memory stick with orbs and ship it to you. This saves many gigabytes of download. And, you get ALL the available orbs.

But what happens if a new orb comes out the day after I order?

Any orbs which come out the day after you order will not be on the thumbdrive (memory stick). You'll need to download those separately.

However, if there really is an orb released the very next day after you order, we will wait 24 hours to ship so that we can include that orb.

Why ship it on a thumb drive?

Previously we would have a product that was one big bunch of orbs. Problem was, it was big. Often the download links would expire before one was able to download everything. Also it was hard for folks to make sure they didn't miss an orb. It was basically an administrative pain in the neck. So we decided to do the thumbdrive.

It is a little more work for us, but a lot less work for you. We think it is well worth the extra effort. Hence, the switch.