The link on the right will take you to the download page on payloadz. The Remedy Orb, is a modest $5.99. This is a one-time fee. There are no in-game fees or charges.

Metatool Functions

TANTRA -- Don't let its reputation fool you. Tantra has uses you wouldn't even dream of. Nominally of use in the lower organics, it really has its functionality plugged into the higher levels of META.

It has long been known that Sexual Energies can be aroused and harnessed to power affirmations and other wishings, and to create modular clusters of Essence. You probably figured that out as far back as your early teens, and if you're an artist, it goes without saying that you have sex with your model before the painting actually starts, just to provide inspiration and energy for the task, if task it can be called. If Tantra is your Path or part of your Path, this Orb is the Orb you want, and if you really want to power it up, have it customized with your own personal 3D model to act out your Affirmation.