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Metatool Functions

LUST -- How far into sexual obsession have we come? Lust originally meant "enthusiasm" and nothing more. Convert sexual lust into enthusiasm for something positive and useful, with this easy-to-operate META PROGRAMMING Orb. Sure, you can use it to help you on lower levels, too.

With great gratitude to EJ Gold and his great team for the marvelous orbs. Each one is so much fun and so beautiful to see. I love running through an orb. Each is very beautiful, and each has very subtle differences.

These are differences that are difficult to perceive all the time, especially if you are totally unconscious and power and push through...but nonetheless, the differences are there. There are differences in color combinations and in general feel. And this is just on the surface.

I am very grateful to be sharing my thoughts and feelings about these orbs. I am deeply honored to be able to say anything, because they're all so special.


The title and feeling of this orb is so vastly different from the last orb that I wrote about, Patience, that it is shocking. Plus, if you knew my life, it would be doubly or triply hilarious, because there has not been much open expression of lust here, yet, and I'm still hoping to find enthusiasm that is all consuming and delightful. However, maybe my dreams are much richer than I know. I don't remember them, either, so if they are rich or fun or expressive, I am really missing out.

I am hoping this orb will help me with expressing greater enthusiasm for all aspects of life. Maybe, this orb helps to round the edges and blinders that keep one from perceiving things in life that one can be enthusiastic about and want to interact with.

I read in the description of the orb, also, the statement that lust originally meant enthusiasm. Enthusiasm and zest for life. Enthusiasm, movement towards exuberant expression, is also lust, then. Interesting! Like the book: "Lust for Life". I see Zorba off dancing somewhere, also.

What did I notice immediately about this orb? What couldn't I wait to share? Some voice inside told me "do it now before you forget, before you lose the thread, before the taste is gone... before that berry flavored sorbet melts in your mouth and is goneā€¦ "

I immediately noticed differences that could help one have greater enthusiasm and a deeper connection to the actual controls of the body.

What do I mean? This could be little, I don't know, but for me, it had meaning:

My voyager needed to pause, needed to stop and experience while the colors generated through the body. An explosion of color happens after everything is found, when every treasure chest is opened, a color explodes through the body of the voyager. Purples explode. Greens explode. Yellows explode. Suddenly, the body of my voyager had to stop and feel each explosion of color.

I mean that literally. My voyager had to stop.

My voyager could not continue the journey until it had felt the colors. My voyager could not take a step further until the explosion of colors had gone through the body.

This reminded me of what it's like to have an experience in this life.... And what it might be like to experience a greater expression that has been beyond my reach before. It has to be allowed space to generate. It needs to have space to be experienced and felt, instead of just rushing through, Instead of only powering through without space or generous kindness to myself.

And also, the controls of the voyager felt a little different in this orb. The voyager does not move exactly, persistently, or consistently or speedily when you hold down the arrow buttons, as in other orbs. It is almost like the voyager is moving through slow motion at times and makes you pay greater attention to all that is happening.

When I started writing this, John Lennon was singing on the CD "Give Peace a Chance". After running this orb, I changed that mantra to: "Give Lust a Chance".

"Give Lust a Chance!"

Why not? Why not give enthusiasm a greater chance? Why not give greater space to enthusiastic experiences or to experiences that one might feel enthusiastic about? Why not be open to the kindness of colors going through the synapses? Why not stop for a moment and let the experience unfold? Why rush through before the experience is experienced?

And there was something more in this orb. I almost forgot it. And it might be the most important part of all. I don't know.

The voyager goes into the seventh level chamber, and the prize area is blank. There is nothing visible there. At least, I could not see anything. No coins, no chest. There is a blank space where previously there had been a chest or a coin.

But I went in there anyway and received the prize. I don't think I'm giving anything away, now, especially, because you have probably discovered this already. For me, it was new.

I took a leap of faith into the treasure chest area that looked looked like nothing was there for me at all. But I was dead wrong. Instead,the Prize was waiting for me there all along.

Maybe, that is the story of lust and enthusiasm: you have to take a leap of faith into something that looks like nothing is there, but something is there.

But something IS there.

The Lust orb.

Go for it!