Lucky Buddha

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Metatool Functions

LUCKY BUDDHA -- It wouldn't hurt to win the lottery; it's not a crime against the spirit to win something now and then, so long as you share the wealth. Use what you need and give the rest away. To whom? You decide. That's the real lesson here. How to use money? The rich have no clue. They live in perpetual fear of loss, never realizing that their wealth is total illusion -- they experience poverty, relentless lack of challenge and total boredom.

If Lord Buddha isn't lucky, who is? Here's a Buddha-Boost just to make your day go a little better, and if you buy a lottery ticket, who knows what can happen??? I hope you win like our family did -- we won $15,220,000 in the California Lottery and then hit again for another $50,000, and you can, too!!! Lucky Buddha is a Quantum Wishing Way to get the odds working in your favor! I've already received a number of emails from folks who did win the lottery after playing Lucky Buddha? Coincidence? Not in my book. BTW, I gave the money away; it's just in-game currency, and I have all I need. I hope the same for you.