Karma Burn

The link on the right will take you to the download page on payloadz. The Remedy Orb, is a modest $5.99. This is a one-time fee. There are no in-game fees or charges.

Metatool Functions

KARMA BURN -- For those who want a real karma reduction and have a good 20-30 minutes to spare doing a good job of it. Absolutely the best METATOOL you have at your disposal until the Higher Grades.

Karma turns The Wheel. If you get that, you'll understand how all the Orbs are driven and built; reduce Karma to reduce the effects of Karma. Easy to understand and now, with Prosperity Path, even easier to do. You need a clean, clear pure intention and $5.99 cents and you're ready to emark on a THIS LIFETIME Bodhisattva Vow, a life of Service to All Beings Everywhere, and you don't have to soak a bedsheet in orange RIT dye or shave off all your hair or never cut your hair again or fold yourself into a pretzel to do it. Sit down at your computer, invoke Karma Burn and away you go. For even more benefit, put someone else's name in there and run it on their behalf. Someone being mean, nasty, irritable or just plain creepy? Place their name in the slot and burn their Karma down to make them downright sweet and pleasant. You might even learn to like them when they're low Karma. Who wouldn't?

I've been working on Karma Burn rather intensely and relentlessly for the past few nights. What's a few more hours to get it working exactly the way I want it to? I'd be loath to release it before I was satisfied that everything worked. Not just most things. Everything. It does. But there are questions, one of which is "Why when I pick up some things, I get nothing?" You haven't been paying attention to life very much, have you?

Karma Burn doesn't merely imitate life, it is life. What's going on in that screen is real to the folks your computer screen is showing you. That screenshot conveys the action that's happening right now, this very second, to you, in another dimension. How you're able to see this is called "Spooky Action At A Distance", the phrase invented by legendary physicist Albert Einstein. It simply means that something can affect something else at great distances without any obvious connection. The coupling factor may remain unknown forever, but an engineer with the corrected formulas can still make it work.

How does Karma Burn work?

On your Karma Burn run, you'll encounter many things, some of which feed one pipeline of Extra-Dimensional Energy, known as "Shakti" or "Shaktipat", popularly called "The Force", based on Star Wars. It isn't really a force. It's a substance, which is to say, slowed-down light, well into the "mass" range. That's the technical. You don't have to understand electricity to turn on a light switch, and that's essentially what happens.


In-game, "Prompts" are used to get the Being to perform certain "Right Actions". These prompts can be in the nature of verbal calls or instructions, plus on-screen text messages. The net effect is that you as a Being run a body through the spaces, interacting with the guides. If you're working with a Prosperity Coach, you'll have a far easier and more productive time of it, because the Coach knows exactly where to look and how to react to each opportunity.


Not at all. The Labyrinth for all Remedies is intentionally always more or less the same. There are variations based on the Run requirements, but it's always basically the same twists and turns, with slightly different events and outcomes, based on the intention of the run.

Intention is very important. The title of the Run says it all. "Fear" is intended to guide the Runner toward handling Fear until Fear is no longer feared. "Karma Burn" is just what it sounds like it is. Your character hurtles itself through the Labyrinth, burning off dead Karma.

Karma is like barnacles. It accumulates every single day of your life. Every breath you take, Karma is accumulating.

Karma good or bad is like a barnacle on the hull of a ship. It doesn't help, and eventually hurts.

The most painless way to rid yourself of Unwanted Body Karma is to take a bath or shower every day -- at least once a day -- in the Cleansing Radiations of the Bardo States.

For thousands of years, you couldn't do that if you weren't an expert visualizer.

Visualization is the Key of Ancient Wisdom

They spent many years mastering visualization in meditation before beginning their Mystical Journey.

Now, thanks to the computer and the internet, you don't have to.

You merely sit down and grab hold of the controls and there you are, in the 8th Dimension.

I have spent the past quarter century, since 1987 on the Amiga platform, pre-PC, pre-Apple and pre-MicroSoft, developing these game systems on our own GODD engine, with the help of VAL (Engine) , KRU (Resources) and GRISHNAK.

I want to especially give credit to Jimmy Accardi for helping to produce the music which is so effective in these Karma-redux games. Oz Fritz devotes many hours a day to this task, recording, mixing and mastering live and overdub performances and dramatic readings, all of which are going into these levels for your Karma-Burning delight!

It is Jimmy you'll hear when you enter into every single Prosperity Path Remedial Orb! That unforgettable song, "Clear Light", is the result of many people working many years to bring you this great result, and many of the songs you'll hear in levels were written by Meg!

Many other folks have contributed to this effort over the past 25 years; they've dedicated all of their waking hours to this work, making it possible to accomplish. For 25 thankless years they toiled to make it happen.

Were I to do my own laundry, cleaning, household repair and maintenance and all the cooking, none of this would happen.

So when you're running in a Prosperity Orb, if you happen to think of those unsung heroes here at the Institute who give so unselfishly and happily of their time and energy for your benefit, and perhaps enact within your heart, some kind of "hope" for them, that they get some benefit from your Karma-Burning Run.

You know, when you run your pet or grampa or someone you know through a Remedy Orb, you are also deriving some benefit by being the Operator.

This also goes for the Coach. You get hit with radiations, too, just like your average unshielded x-ray technician, but in the case of Karma-Burn, this is a good thing.

Speaking of coaches, it's easy to become a Certified Prosperity Coach, and it's FREE. Ask how, if you think you'd like to do that.

Quite a large number of Life Coaches and Psychologists are already using Prosperity levels for their client sessions. It'll be a while before reports come back, days at least, if not weeks, but I'm confident that they'll be amazed at the effect of a Karma-Burn Run.

Karma-Burn is the Crux of the Remedy Array, the Center of the Medicine Wheel, the Hubbb of the Zodiac, Galactic Central, as it were.

Whenever you're about to do something important, need a "fresh start", feel gunked up by the day, overcome with catastrophic business or personal disasters, or you just want to get an edge on a business deal, try running Karma-Burn before you climb into the boxing ring with The Day.

Reducing Karma is a full-time job. It builds up faster than the plaque on your teeth. You'll do your best when it's at or below "zero". You can see where your Karma is at when you run Karma Burn.

A five-minute run through Karma Burn before a client call, business meeting or big real estate deal could mean the difference. How confident you feel will make a major change in how things go in your life, and confidence comes easily when you've been handling Karma for a while.

Handling Karma.

What a concept.

Start with helplessness and despair. Everyone knows that feeling and those sinking pit of the stomach sensations. It comes when something terrible is happening to you or someone you love, and there's nothing you can do about it, absolutely nothing of an ordinary nature will have any effect.


That's when, traditionally, we call in Mighty Mouse, Superman, God Himself or an Intervening Angel, Archangel, Arhat, Buddha or Son of You-Know-Whom, to arrange a major personal private miracle just for you and your family and friends.

This major miracle doesn't often happen. Oh, sure, it happens once in a while, but how predictable is "once in a while"???

Now with the advent of the Prosperity Path, you can grab the wheel and take control of the car. Of course, the down-side to that is that you now have to do all the steering, braking and acceleration. Don't worry, you'll get used to it.

See You At The Top!

"Felt Essential Self moving into the foreground in Karma Burn - particularly picking up Infinite Eternal Endurance and Essential Self Empowerment points. Also seeing the Labyrinth everywhere - in branching trees, branching flowers, human body (limbs branching). Awesome!!"

-- J.H.

"karma burn is up now, just made a run its amazing"

P.K. Denmark