Hadron Voyager

The link on the right will take you to the download page on payloadz. The Remedy Orb, is a modest $5.99. This is a one-time fee. There are no in-game fees or charges.

Metatool Functions

HADRON VOYAGER -- Really quite far beyond the novice, this META Tool is totally useless in the hands of the untrained voyager. It is intended as a tool for coached reincarnation awareness sessions, but you can download it and run it if you want to experience some real frustration.

This is an interdimensional romp designed to get you used to the Power Dynamics of Trans-Space and Trans-Dimensional navigation and action. It's easier than you think to operate your own body in another dimension, and that's exactly what you'll be doing! Operating in the Quantum World, you'll take your immortal self through the World of Hadron.

Tired of the same old same old? Why not give an alternate universe a try? Science now agrees with me that it can be done. Read what Michio Kaku and other physicists are saying now that they've found the "God Particle" with the Hadron Collider! But why read about scientific speculation, when you can just jump right in?

When you operate yourself in another dimension, what happens to that Parallel Universe Persona (PuP) is real. The events that are unfolding are really happening, yet when you pull out of the game, every setting returns to "zero", and it's as if it never happened at all.

Your life is exactly like that. Think of a bucket of water into which you've thrust your hand, momentarily. When you withdraw your hand, apart from minor interactions such as drips and splashes, it's as if you'd never had your hand in there.

Actually, the net result is far greater than it appears to the casual glance.

Any gamer can tell you that the net result is not the game itself, but having played many games over a long period of time. Very few games actually stand out, but the player tends to become more elegant, more aware, more courteous to the game environment and certainly a whole lot smarter.

Smartness and brain-training are issues we'll discuss at another time. Meanwhile, I want you to consider this:

You already know that trying to alter this universe is like trying to move a building with your shoulder. It ain't gonna happen.

What can happen is that you shift tracks to another dimension where what you want to happen is happening for you.

Easy as pie. Just follow the bread-crumbs.

Think of Prosperity Path as a trail blazed in a wilderness of myth, superstition and fear. When I was a teenager, I worked as a trail guide along the Appalachian Arrowhead Trail from Maine to Georgia, stopping along the way to investigate Early Americana.

That was a comparatively easy gig; the trail was already blazed, had been, long before I ever got there. At an uncomfortably short distance apart, large brightly painted arrowhead-shaped stamped-out tin badges proclaimed the path and showed the way well within easy eyesight of one target tree to the next. It was literally like following a trail of crumbs.

Blazing a trail through the morass of bull-pucky and misinformation and controlling garbage put out by thousands of self-interested sources is not quite as easy a gig.

The aforementioned bull-pucky, along with a proportionate amount of horse-pucky, elephant-pucky and whale-pucky, was put in place to control populations without the need for armed enforcement, and it has worked its magic for thousands of years.

Prosperity Path is a way of acting directly, taking action where no other action is possible.

Keep in mind that you cannot change the universe you're in, but you can change universes.

Better have a good Target Earth in mind before just taking off, don't you think?

Prosperity Path helps you set the Target.

It gets you accustomed to the headspace, attitudes and emotions of that intended target space and more than that, it uses verbal commands to trigger internals that you need in order to create the Syllogisms that create your Pathways Through Space, a phrase coined by my friends John Lilly and Franklin Merrill-Wolff coined years ago, when Trans-Dimensional Voyaging and EDA (Extra-Dimensional Activity) were accomplished through dreamwork.

No longer necessary is the long process of development of visualization. It's all there right in front of you.

Your only task is one of navigation.

Your one enemy?

You need no enemies in the Prosperity Path. You have yourself.

Nothing Bad Is Going To Happen To You In Prosperity Orbs. Nothing.

Provided, of course, that you stay away from Advanced Areas, which are clearly marked, with both text and verbal warnings.

In the case of Hadron, only a serious effort to jump into the lava will have any effect, and that just returns you to "start".

The singlemost Major Effort in Prosperity Path is to get you to let go of your resistance to Prosperity and Success, and that talent resides in your hands.

The only way to accept Prosperity and Success is to get you thoroughly used to being Prosperous and Successful, before it actually happens, so that when it does, you don't resist it, see?

Where you tend to go, there you will go. Where you don't tend to go, you won't go.

It's really as simple as that.

In the case of the Hadron Voyager, this is just the first of many excursions with the Hadron Voyager. Watch for more releases into strange new dimensions, at a computer near you!

One more item if you're really interested in changing your life.

Prosperity Path is actually a Path. It leads to Prosperity.

You can download Hadron Voyager right now:

See You At The Top!


"ALL of the music is marvelous - esp. the music heard upon leaving the shop and heading towards the labyrinth in Hadron Voyager remedy. Would love for y'all to either provide playlists w/ each game, or put together audio CDs for each remedy. (Except for the wonderful "Clear Light" song that is always played in the shop area upon entering the remedies. That song runs through my head 24-7 anyway. LOL! I don't need an mp3!). Yes, I can simply power up the game and listen, but would LOVE to have the music in a portable format (to take in my car,, etc.). So am requesting a playlist for the Hadron Voyager so I can purchase the mp3s or that you consider putting together mp3 ALBUMS w/ each ORB release.

-- W.N

"I just ran the Hadron Orb...with the matrix, beacon, and ammy all set in their places."

--F.S Chicago

Had the odd experience while running Hadron that my virtual character was aware of me. It seemed like the 'egyptian priest' figure turned his head to the side several times and I got a "being to being" blast. I've had that happen in the Oracles but this is the first time in the Orbs. Maybe I'm getting 'out of my head'...?