Goddess updated Tuesday night -- July 10th, 2012 (many fixes)

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Metatool Functions

GODDESS -- Within every woman -- and some gender-unthreatened men -- is a Goddess waiting to be awakened. Let this Orb guide you to the awakening of your inner Goddess Spirit.

Sure, there's a Goddess inside you, but do you have any idea What She Does For a Living??? What's the point of being a Goddess if nobody knows you're a Goddess? Do Goddess things. Manifest as a Goddess. In order to do that, you'll have to find work as a Goddess. So how??? Find your Goddess strengths, skills and Blessings in this Orb and begin manifesting your Goddessness right now, today! Don't just wish for it, Work at it!!!

A few words about Goddess...

Sure, you're a Goddess. What woman isn't? And some men. But what exactly do you do as a Goddess? You see, most Goddesses of the ancient variety didn't have to do housework, weren't members of bridge clubs, seldom went shopping with their BFF, had no text messages beeping at them every ten minutes and didn't work on the side as soccer moms. There's not a lot of opportunity to do Goddess Business when you're stuck in a pair of pantyhose, standing on 5 inch spike heels in a mini-skirt, bending over a file drawer with a low-cut blouse, all for the purpose of getting a raise from the boss; take that any way you like, it's the truth, it's how business is done.

So where's the profit in the Goddess Business??? Given that for at least ten hours a day you're stuck in some kind of traffic or other, whether on the Freeway or at the water cooler. If we were in grade school, I'd say it's long past due Time for Recess.

In short, a Toga Party.

Time to dress up as a Goddess and go into the Goddess Dimension, the World of Goddess Miracles. When I complete the Levels, you'll be able to do just that, go into a world filled with Gods and Goddesses, all with miraculous powers.

But Why Should I Do It If It's All Just Make-Believe Anyway???

You'd like to think that. Makes it nice and safe. It's just fantasy, like all those other videogames, war and violence and pestilence and damnation, filled with pyro explosions and booming, screaming bloody Hell.

Wrong. First of all, those worlds are emphatically not fantasy. They exist somewhere. Ask any scientist. There isn't anyone who would disagree now that they've found the God Particle with the Hadron Collider. See my Hadron Voyagerfor how to actually operate in other dimensions.

The fact is that when you take the controls, you are actually operating your own body in another dimension. You can see what's happening to that other "you" on the display screen, and hear what that other "you" hears, see what he or she sees, experience it as they do in their world.

In an infinite set of parallel worlds, you can find yourself anywhere, anywhen, and even anywho.

But I'm a Guy. Surely I Can't Be A Goddess???

Just because you're manifesting as male at present doesn't mean you're actually male.

Gender is such a wild-card that it isn't even on the options menu when entering Rebirth. Your particular Avatar, your representative body in any physical universe and your representative energy cluster in nonphysical universes, could look like anything. Anyting at all.

You could be anyone, anytime, anywhere, doing virtually anything, and time is not linear, so you can be in two places at once, leading two very dissimilar lives in two places on the planet, and even more. Time is not linear, although in a body you experience time as linear. It really isn't. I can't prove that to you, but you can prove it to yourself, quite easily, but it'll cost ya -- about twenty minutes of your time.

Merely play just one time through an entire Goddess Remedy Level, and give it your honest best shot, by which I mean play enthusiastically and well, with high interest, even if you think you know what's going to happen because "you've already run a bunch of other Remedy Levels" .... So...you think you know the Labyrinth well, eh??? Hehe. Surprises lurk everywhere, however, these are all good surprises. Nothing bad will ever happen to you in one of my Remedy Levels.

Later, we'll talk about Advanced Levels. They're a little different. But in the Remedials, absolutely everything that happens is good. Nothing attacks you, nothing takes away points you've scored, nothing does anything weird or peculiar, yet you'll have the time of your Afterlife!!! I bet you can't just do one run!!!

Addictive? Sure it is. It's supposed to be. It may take the place of bad addictions if you let it happen, but you're the Boss of that body; it's up to you to make the decision and the effort. For any real results, dedication, enthusiasm and passion will get you to the Finish Line First.

Oh, speaking of which...First downloader of each new level gets a prize, not sure what, but something fun.

The Labyrinth is always the same? I Get Bored So Easily!!!

So do I. I feel your pain. However, yes, the Labyrinth is always the same -- with a few minor additions in each Orb for the sake of function, not variety.

Frankly, I don't give a damn how easily you get bored. I'm here to see a bomber.

Do you have any idea what goes into the making of a Labyrinth this complex with so many invisible functions as well as visible and audible interactive functions? You don't find a builder for one of these, you do it yourself, and I did.

You want a different Labyrinth for every occasion?

What are you, nuts? You wouldn't have a different dining room for every menu change, would you? Yet each meal is different to some degree greater or lesser than any other meal served in that space, even if it is served on the same table with the same old flatware and tablecloth and chairs and wall decorations and last year's ratty old carpet.

One of the lessons to be learned in the Prosperity Orbs is how to handle higher energies and emotions, but another, very important lesson is the Lesson of Patience; you are mathematically destined to get better drops, ie; better Karma, when you wait for the sound and text message to finish before picking up the next item or opening the next portal.

Bored, eh? Well, stop it!

Okay, now that that's settled, let's examine the situation. I'm asking that you become maze-bright, learn the Labyrinth's twists and turns, probe into its secrets, find hidden passages and discover which wand opens which doorways.

That'll be a whole new day for most folks, but Maze-Brightness is an Absolute Necessity for any Goddess worth Her weight in gold, pearls and diamonds.

Actually, maze-brightness is a very important part of Prosperity Path Orb Running, and I'll explain precisely why:

You need to know the level intimately, so well you never get lost, not even disoriented for a moment, so you can transcend the "I'm Lost Again" Effect.

Learning any map intimately, so well that every turn is negotiated with elegance and style, as a dancer would turn a corner, takes time, lots of time and repetition...this could be very, very boring, even if you're highly motivated to use this Highly Ritualized Meditation with all its Prompts and Triggers, to turn on your Goddess Powers.

But, guess what? You've got many Remedy Levels to run, all of them slightly different, all with very different outcomes and Primary Track effects, about which we'll talk at length at another time, even though time is not linear.

What has all this to do with Unleashing your Goddess Powers?


What's the point of being a Goddess if you don't exercise the Goddessness???

There's very little opportunity to do that on the street.

I mean, if you live in a small town, everyone will talk.

What exactly is the function of a Goddess?

Nobody on Earth seems to know, but if you ask any Goddess, she'll tell you:

Bountifulness, Abundance, Nurturing.

That's the game plan in a nutshell. The Job Description, if you like. The Goddess level gives you the hints and prompts you need to do the job and do it well. You will be a veritable Source of Bountifulness and Beauty.

But how to do this in today's world...???

This is an especially tough question if you're living in a large metropolitan area with high population density. It's not like a small town, nobody will give a damn, and nobody outside your small clique of friends will talk about your weirdness. But you will be taken away if you Manifest As A Goddess in public.

Believe me, I've seen it happen enough times.

So I've provided a "Wormhole" tunnel into another dimension -- the God World, as it happens, what's called "Valhalla" or "Olympus" or "Shambhala". Whatever you call it, it's real, and it's accessible through the Prosperity Path levels. You can't actually travel to the other dimension, but you can see through the Wormhole and operate your body in that other dimension with the controls in this one.

It is real. In an infinite set of similar worlds, if you can think of it, it must exist somewhere.

When you take action there, in that other Dimension, it has results there, in that world. Those results will, to some degree, seep into the world in which you find yourself presently residing. The world you're in right now is called your "Primary Track". It's the one where you can see your cursor, and it's high time to stop cursing and start taking control of the situation.

See You At The Top!!!

"When I was going through the Prosperity Path Goddess Remedy Level -- I was nearly at the end (the blessings part) and I had to to stop to go to an appointment...I really didn't want to stop. I actually had the feeling and knowingness that I was doing some good by activating them. Not that I was doing it but I was helping it being done. You'll know what I mean when you run that Orb. I love hearing what is happening for folks. This is such amazing work/play. Did you read E.J.'s blog today...on visualization...?"

J.J. -- California