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"the key to activation of the quantum effects of affirmation is to acknowledge the action, take responsibility for it, verbally as it happens, and stay with it to the end of the affirmation cycle. In order to acknowledge or agree, you can repeat each message verbally, silently or merely nod"

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This video is available as instant download in mp4 format. Now you can run the Quantum Magic Video anytime anywhere -- with or without bars and without data impact. Just download on wifi and play anywhere.

Professional Gaming Orb also Available

The link on the right will take you to the download page on payloadz. The Remedy Orb, is a modest $5.99. This is a one-time fee. There are no in-game fees or charges.

Metatool Functions

CLARITY -- Achieving Clarity is a major goal of Zen. It means to remove the cobwebs of the Soul.

Feeling fuzzy today? Don't we all, from time to time, especially deep into pollen season or at a time when we're overtired or stressed by money worries. Clarity is an important condition if we're to get anything done and, more importantly, done right. Here's an opportunity to take hold of the steering wheel and drive your car, right into a brick wall, if that's your fancy!

On the 'words' page on the LRS site ( Labyrinth Readers Society ) there is a definition of Clarity, like so - " A sudden unobstructed perception without limiters or inhibitors. " I was glad to read that.

S.D. -- Canada

You know, I think RedMiguel, my avatar in second life, or some higher being or beatific and helpful presence, or an Angel, or EJ himself, or all of them together, are trying to help me - by doing obvious things for me now in my organic life as Michael - sending me clear messages - greater even than a voice echoing around the chambers in my head - really giving me this orb this morning, gifting me with it, gracing me with it.


I'm really serious about that.

Why do I say this? Because this morning I came out to my computer, and the orb was waiting for me to run.


I'm not kidding. I'm not making this up. I came to my computer for the first time from my bedroom where I had been sleeping, and the orb was waiting for me on the computer screen to run.

The gift of Clarity was waiting for me.

For real. haha!

I had not pulled it up. I had not searched for it in the alpha list. I had done nothing to bring this orb up to the computer. Unless, now I am sleepwalking and don't know what I am doing in the dark of the night or in the bowels of the sleep cycles. But no, that isn't it, because I have never sleepwalked my entire life.

So, what did I do?

I ran the orb and knew that this is the one that I wanted, needed, and must share and write about.

Immediately, I looked into the entrance room of the orb, and I saw the friendly flying pig and the wonderful patterns on the rug and the tarot reader in the back...

Soon, I was coming up on "Golden Tiger Tibetan incense", and I picked up the "Blue Prosperity Lucky Wand", and I heard the beautiful voice telling me that "clarity comes from you, not to you."

But more than anything, I want to say that the beauty of the labyrinth is stunning. The labyrinth is awash with colors and swirling mists and flaming smokes. Here, there is a blue floor and a scarab embossed ceiling. There is nothing to fear here.

Everything signals transformation.

Later, I was reading the "Book of Isis" and the "Book of Anubis" and expanding my clarity, as I sped past the pink hieroglyph covered walls.

I highly recommend it. :-)

Like I say, this morning, it was waiting for me on the computer.