49 Days Bardo Cleanser

The link on the right will take you to the download page on payloadz. The 49Days Orb, is a modest $5.99. This is a one-time fee. There are no in-game fees or charges.

If you have any questions or need help with the process let us know. (Contact Page Here).

By the way, the remedy is a windows program. We have successfully run it on WinXP & Windows 7.

Metatool Functions

49 DAYS -- This is strictly MetaProgramming, but can be used by anyone at any level of personal development.

We have published an Orb with complete readings from the American Book of the Dead. Click here for LRS Reading Orb.

If you're an LRS member, this is the Orb you've been waiting for! You coach someone through all 49 days of the Between-Lives State, running through it with them, guiding them every step of the way, because You're In Control! You can be of the greatest help when you yourself know where in the heck you're supposed to go and what you're supposed to be doing, so it behooves you to learn for the sake of others - gives a much more powerful Work Wish and Will than working just for yourself.

Work Hint: Running an Orb for another confers many times more Baraka, Grace, than running one for yourself.

Just ran 49 days and found it really good. Very much liked the character with the bow and how it moved. Imagined being the character and doing the running and being that strong and healthy so it can translate into this body. Ive drawn a map now and that helps, tho mostly familiar with it (as far as I know, who knows whats in t/here). hope the maps not cheating. Will probably choose 3 of the most relevant orbs and try to perfect them. Loved the Buddhas! So much in there its hard to know where to begin imbibing or understanding it...not that I will spend much time on that. The whole meditation/affirmation aspect is thrilling.


The Prosperity Path orbs are coming out fast and if you have not had a chance to experience it, please do. They work on principles of the law of attraction and law similarity -- in the quantum universe. My favorite so far is the "49 days" orb. When you get to the special area . I had tears in my eyes because I so pray for that too. (as you can tell, I do not want to give it away :) ).