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Thoth Oracle Orb

The link on the right will take you to the download page on payloadz. The Oracle Orb, is a modest $5.99. This is a one-time fee. There are no in-game fees or charges.

Metatool Functions

THOTH -- One of my very best All-Quarters Maintainers, Thoth is a former priest of the Temple at Khmun, but I recruited dhwty -- he who has the attributes of an Ibis -- as a local Moon-God back before Dynasty I, when the rates were a lot lower. He has a lot to offer as an Oracle, but a good background in Middle Hieroglyphics is helpful, if not absolutely necessary.

Thanks for recommending the Thoth Oracle. Very interesting experience indeed. I have been working with Thoth for some time and was at first skeptical about doing so during a video game but now I'm going to play all the orbs.