Make A Wish Orb

The link on the right will take you to the download page on payloadz. The Specialty Orb, is a modest $5.99. This is a one-time fee. There are no in-game fees or charges.

Metatool Functions

MAKE A WISH -- When you wish upon a star, it's totally fruitless, a waste of energy. But wish upon an Orb, and you have a good chance your wish will be realized.

A little something about Make-A-Wish

When we toss Two Bits into any sort of modern "Wishing Well," we are acknowledging the Nature of the Game we're playing. Our Objective can be assisted by forces beyond our Desire-but this assistance is not "Free." Nothing is, really. Everything comes at a price. This needn't be cause of cynicism or despair-especially when we realize the "Barter-Nature" of Reality. To beings of higher consciousness, our Material Plane is sometimes known as the "Marketplace." It is here that we wheel and deal, buy, sell and trade. What this amounts to is a vast exchange of resources for the Benefit of All Involved. If you think you are without coinage, you're not looking close enough. Every living being has something to lay on the table-and something they truly NEED.

MAKE A WISH operates along these lines. You are welcomed into a particular Bardo Zone where you can easily locate and access the Magical Power of the Wishing Well. Imagine: the opportunity to Make A Wish! This isn't superstition - but intentional Quantum Entanglement (sometimes called HooDoo). There are powers outside of our Prime Dimensional Reality ready to make an appearance here to change up the game. Simply know that these powers have something to ask of YOU. Should your pockets be empty, that's quite OK. They know the meaning of "In-Game Currency" and have their own needs which go beyond this!

When we begin to understand the Quantum Web in which we Operate, we will know our Personal Gain is Gain to the Universe-and our Desire to Get becomes a Desire to GIVE!

Wish Wisely and you'll find the Well of Wyrd giving much more than you ask for-!

Going nearly mad with inner intensity I went onto Make a Wish and asked to understand this process. A short time later I sat before the shrine and opened the ABD. For no apparent reason I went to page 151 and read the Afterword "Practice during the lifetime of letting go of attachments, passions and aggressions while under stress and extreme pressure will be better than meditations in a serene outer world environment, because only if one is able to remain serene in his being while being lashed with rawhide whips and devoured by dogs while hearing hard rock music at three thousand decibels will this instruction certainly bring about liberation at the moment before death."

What is described is very similar to my daily experience and though it gave no comfort, reading this was extremely helpful and is turning around my whole attitude to practice.


The serenity in Make-A-Wish is like Darshan in Eden.