Hero Rewards Orb

The link on the right will take you to the download page on payloadz. The Specialty Orb, is a modest $5.99. This is a one-time fee. There are no in-game fees or charges.

Metatool Functions

HERO -- Gosh, wouldn't it be wonderful to be a SuperHero? Try it, you'll like it. But there is a much higher level of MetaProgramming that involves the Hero Principle, and this Orb is used primarily in Higher Grades -- but you're welcome to use it right now if you like -- it is applicable to all states of Courage and Energize, if you know how to combine Orb runs or stack prayers.

A little about Hero

Want to be a Hero? Turns out you already ARE one-and one run through this highly unique Orb will allow you to experience, in a parallel dimension, what is happening beneath the surface of your present reality! The result? A tangible increase in "Hero Power!"

This Orb will be thoroughly enjoyed by kids who want to experience an exciting romp through a fantastic landscape. But there is MUCH more to it than THIS!

Experienced Runners will be challenged to adapt to the space of a wellness game which is familiar and strange at the same time. One is instantly made keenly aware of how the Body of Habits is working-and how it might fare in Bardo Spaces yet to be encountered!

We can grab a sword and shield for our first adventure but what waits inside the Labyrinth is not what we might expect. Entirely non-violent, one's achievements as a "Hero" are measured in the growth of "HUD Attributes," Karmic qualities which form a direct link to our Prime Dimensional Reality. This expands our understanding of how "Heroism" manifests from moment to moment.

A note from the A.F. Price and Wong Mou-Lam translation of The Diamond Sutra tells us:

"A Bodhisattva is an advancing devotee of Enlightenment. A vast and complex doctrine surrounds this difficult Sanskrit Buddhist term. It is most commonly considered to be derived from Bodhi-Enlightenment, and Sattva-a being; but we prefer the view that Sattva is related to sakta or satvan, implying a spiritual hero."

We can see how the Heroism addressed in this virtual meditation applies to much more than a sense of bravado in confrontational threatening situations. Every Runner has automatically tapped into their own Bodhisattva Nature by entering ANY of the Urthgames. HERO peels back one layer of Image to reveal Another wherein our deeper nature begins to shine like a Diamond in the Sutra-Space of the Game.

Everyone will have fun with this run. Those who return to it as a Path will assuredly advance toward the Enlightenment which is the Hallmark of Spiritual Heroism.

Gorebagg once stated "If you're not lost, you're about to be." This is because the Labyrinth will always check our points of reference until we boil down to THE POINT. On the Way, we recognize how our habitual lives with their mundane details are an illusion, masking the Run of the Soul in Spacetime. Every moment is, therefore, an opportunity to manifest the Hero (or Sattva) Nature.

Entry into this Awareness used to be regarded as the province of the few. Seemingly endless austerities were requisite before one could "don the armor." No longer. With the click of a mouse, you can step off the Lift and experience the Life you've been living all along...as a HERO!

The Hero Orb - not regular, not common, and not ordinary. The Hero journey is not a regular path, we have heard, right? As Robert Frost said: "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and I? I took the less traveled one..." Thank heavens, I took the one into 'The Hero Orb.'

The 'look' of this orb is uncommon, and maybe, less traveled, and, so right. It is not like the others. There are no Egyptian hieroglyphs on the walls and no 'ceiling'. With no roof and only open skies above, this orb can take the top of your head off, too, and I felt at times a 'Spartacus kind of awe', looking at the clouds and horizons. The vapors and spirits that rise from the ground transform me as I pass over and through them. Most important to me, and the feeling that lingers, even now, is the knowingness created by the innocent looking ivy and leaves on the walls, the walls that extend on and on, on either side. I know as I pass through that these ivy walls are working on me, transforming me, serving as an inner kind of sandpaper for my own hardened, encapsulated, and 'non-hero' self.

Michael Y.

But, damn, HERO is so cool! There are even elements resonant with the original QUAKE in there and I would LOVE to see more of this! Please give E.J. a high five for this and many thanks to YOU for all you do with IDHHB-!