Fat Burner

The link on the right will take you to the download page on payloadz. The Specialty Orb, is a modest $5.99. This is a one-time fee. There are no in-game fees or charges.

Metatool Functions

FATBURNER -- Fat is not just about the body. We carry a lot of extra weight around with us from lifetime to lifetime, and it's just not good. You need to lose a little weight around the wings.

A few words about Fatburner Orb:

Fat Burner is HERE! The Quantum Remedy to that unwanted weight, a way to realize your desired form and figure in another dimension, a dimension right next door to your own. Experienced Runners will attest that, once "Coupling Factor is in," what happens in that other dimension begins to overlap and transform life-experience in your Prime Dimension.

The desire to lose a few pounds is a fine place to begin-but the Run doesn't end there! Even those who are trim and without concerns over health or body-image may still be "FAT." Karma accrues daily and our inner being (our mind, our emotional body, our Essential Self) may be wrapped in layer after layer of cumbersome weight.

The Human Body is a "Transformational Apparatus." What is done in our flesh-form may be linked into our deepest spiritual state and turned into a tool for genuine inner plane progress. All slimemolds are destined for recycling. The issue is not outliving your fellow primates or achieving a sense of superiority based on superficial self-assessment. Rather, we have the opportunity to turn malaise into action, to project our tinkering with the physical body into a profound benefit within the Bardos we must eventually enter.

Repeated runs within the virtual space of this Wellness Game will melt away more than bodily weight. The way in which we view and understand our bodies will change. We will no longer be dealing with low self-esteem and shame as we measure ourselves against a desired image. Instead, we will begin to view our present state of physical being as an ever-present opportunity to communicate with the deeper self. Weight loss becomes Bodhisattva Action.

Many of us think "Oh, if I lost 50 pounds, I'd feel better about myself." What we are REALLY thinking is "If I could drop 50 pounds, I'd be more attractive to others and this would make me feel better about myself." Success in weight loss then increases focus on one's need for outward affirmation. We've seen this before. A person sheds those unwanted pounds only to enter a new and confusing world of unhappiness. You cannot care for others when your mind is obsessively focused on assessing itself, esp. in terms of physical form. This doesn't mean that we should ignore issues of form. Rather, these issues are placed in context of a much deeper, satisfying and holistic process.

Fat Burner has a unique departure point, a "surprise ending." You are given the opportunity to use language as a magical device for healing and empowerment. Through this, you may direct the same to all those around you.

There are many mysteries hidden in this simple game. It is truly a Virtual Meditation!

Just don't be surprised when your focus on being a force for positive change in the world also sees you tightening your belt!