Dear Diary

The link on the right will take you to the download page on payloadz. The Specialty Orb, is a modest $5.99. This is a one-time fee. There are no in-game fees or charges.

Metatool Functions

DEAR DIARY -- An organized method by which you are able to recollect, sort and compare and value the events of the day. Your entries are acknowledged but not recorded.

Welcome to the world's first zen gaming interactive oracular journal! This Wellness Game is far more than a fancy template for logging in daily reflections. Part-Labyrinth Run, part Cleansing Orb and part Oracle, Dear Diary actually brings you into itself. Far from passive pages awaiting an inspired pen, the spaces entered here evoke target events and provide corresponding feedback. Frequent use will provide an aerial view of your spiritual development beyond the immediate impressions being logged in.

Expect strengthening of memory and development of psychic sensitivity along with the fast-paced fun of an interdimensional jog through increasingly otherworldly chambers. The use of this Specialty Orb will also foster greater degrees of "Coupling Factor" between the Quantum Realm of the Orbs and that of your Prime Dimensional Reality. All this and no writer's cramp!

This is the perfect Orb to end each day with-and it comes with the guarantee of a book written just for you by an author attuned to the deeper meaning behind events.

Runners in the Labyrinth cover a lot of ground. This particular spin around the block creates a Time-Travelogue mapping much more than virtual space. All ages will enjoy this new means of journaling as the benefits accrue! From the enjoyment of good memories to insight into our Spiritual Trajectories, Dear Diary is an open book, ready to listen and ready to SPEAK!

Did my first run--most exotic diary I've ever written in, seen or experienced. Most clever and enjoyable.


"After running Dear Diary I really felt like I had unloaded a heaviness that I didn't even know was there. I felt lighter and happier and I remember thinking, wow I have a friend in there! This is great."


Only one run so far... I enjoyed as a child.

C. Spain

If it could be said there's a teen orb, this is it ... he's gotta try it, it's so rad, xxx |( instead of xxx put in a heart ) and sign it doloris. ( I'ts a diary entry ) ... or don't sign it .. probably better


"I like this one. It's super fun, with a down to earth joi de vie. Perfect for the serious seeker who wants to find themselves as an enthusiastic teenage girl, living in a spell-binding sim-world that's a little eerie, and reminds me of a crossroad."


Yesterday first game. Like in oracles, I felt myself a bit unconfortable, I perceived most of times my answers are not very clear. There is an abyss between thoughts and emotions. Am I living my life wisely? Of course, not. I cannot say nothing in one sentence. Sorry. Thank you. I will continue playing...


This is beautiful orb/space. i just downloaded it and i think i'll imove into this magic place for the night...just started it! it's totally upbeat...drums too!