Bliss Special Orb

The link on the right will take you to the download page on payloadz. The Specialty Orb, is a modest $5.99. This is a one-time fee. There are no in-game fees or charges.

Metatool Functions

BLISS -- Ignorance is NOT Bliss. Bliss is Bliss. What is Bliss, exactly? Better to ask, what does Bliss DO??? To use Bliss is not to fade away into oblivion. Bliss is Bliss. Try it before you decide you don't want any.

I have discovered a new use for the Energize orb...trance dancing or ESD. I put on the orb and let it run. It might be fun to have a orb dance loop. I'd also vote for Zombie Jamboree and the new Shake Your Bud-da :-) from Monday's music session.