Patience Power Orb

The link on the right will take you to the download page on payloadz. The Power Orb, is a modest $5.99. This is a one-time fee. There are no in-game fees or charges.

Metatool Functions

I highly recommend it if you want to gain insight about learning and discovering greater space and patience for yourself and for others.

Please forgive all that I have written below about it. There's no need to read further if you don't want to, especially, since you might already know it.

In short, this orb is different from any other that I have participated in. I am very grateful to the creators of this orb, grateful to EJ and his wonderful team. It is a true learning device and teaching tool. it appears as a very simple thing on the surface, but it really is not. Hours later, it is still resonating with me.

The following is part of my process with the orb that you can choose to read, or not.

How do you feel when everything you do is wrong? No matter what direction you choose or what choice you make, it seems to be the wrong choice and wrong direction. And, you're very impatient for Ganesh - or for someone - to clear the obstacles in front of you. You are very anxious for the way to be made clear.

These questions represent situations that we all find ourselves in at some point. I know I have. Some days, you really wonder if you should get out of bed, or not. Are there going to be more obstacles? Are situations along the way going to be really hard, really difficult to face?

This is an orb that can help to clear obstacles and share kindness and show things in the process of life and journeying that lead to more freedom. Besides, It shared kindness and gave hope.

When I fell down into the lava pit, it simply said "oops, try again". The orb immediately and without judgment set me up to continue, and I did. I was not incinerated. My journey was not at an end.

I learned that I had to do more. I learned that I had to stretch my perceptions and expectations of what was there for me. I had to do more. I had to go beyond what I might've had a preconceived notion about,

The orb taught me patience as I participated in the orb. Even though, I had a preconceived notion about what I might have to do to succeed, nothing was going to be as I expected.

I had to be open to what was there.

I had to see what was really there.

In the end, I discovered that I was not seeing what was really there all along . I had to do things completely opposite from the ways that I had done them in the past, ways that had worked for me in the past. My preconceived thoughts and ideas about what was reality -had to leave. Why? Because I was missing a piece of reality. And it had been there all along.

The orb gives support to keep going. Moreover, feelings of great kindness emanate from the walls. The colors are fantastic.

This is an orb that is unlike any other.

Forty-five minutes into the orb, I still didn't know which way to go. This was very new for me. Yes, I was meeting obstacles. I was going in circles. Round and round. Over and over again.

I always ended up in the same place that I began. I kept doing the same thing that I had been doing again and again.

I was making no progress.

However, there was a kind feeling permeating the space that gave me courage and strength to keep going. I knew there was something here I could learn, that I must and that I had to learn in order to progress. And somehow, I knew it was possible.

In the end, I did learn that I could see things differently and do things differently. I learned that I could do things in a way that would lead me to making progress. I could do it.

Finally, this orb gave me a huge, colorful, and great celebration of light and joy when I walked into the final chamber.

The same celebration is waiting for you!