Karma Cleansing With Prosperity Path

With Prosperity Path it is easy to cleanse your karma using 3D video game technology. Run, jump, and dance your way through our karma cleansing video games.

Prosperity Path With Cleanse Karma

Prosperity Path is a collection of video game orbs (levels) designed to coach you through a mindful training process that will cleanse your karma and life problems.

An in-game virtual coach will guide you gently through the cleansing process. Get the results you've hoped for. Cleanse your karma and life problems will fall into place naturally.

Karma is energy. Get it right and your attitude and outlook on life will come into focus. This will help resolve agonizing situations, negativity, resentments, feelings of bad luck, and reduce negative energies.

You Deserve Amazing Life Wins.

Karma does not come from sin, retribution, guilt, or any other brand of come-upance.

Karma is energy, and like the water it is neural and necessary for life.

Our job is to let it flow -- this is our small but oh so important contribution to the wheel of creation.

Flowing karma is clear, crisp, and clean. Stagnant karma is... stagnant and like water comes with all the associated problems of being out of balance.

It's Okay to Want This -- It's Your Destiny

When your karmic energy is flowing free, you are right with the worlds (higher and lower) -- adding your contribution to a living creation.

Imagine what it would be like if you were free from relationship issues, family problems, monetary concerns and the like.

This can happen. Let us send you a free sample orb to demonstrate.

It's A Daily Thing

Karma Cleansing is not a once a week thing -- on some special day of the week. Every day we make our small contribution toward the positive.

It's time to get a handle on all of that. Have the freedom to do what you need to do; be who you need to be.

Prosperity Path Orbs Can Help You Do This.

Nothing to study, nothing to memorize, nothing to practice. From the first moment you step into a Prosperity Path Orb you will be cleansing karma.

Running the Prosperity Path levels can:

  • ...clear your karma,
  • ...develop mindfulness,
  • ...reset your habits,
  • ...video game for evolution,
  • ...resolve life problems,
  • ...manifest your innermost desires.

These karma cleansing games are a very simple way to be happier.

Here is your invitation to take the first step. You can use the little form on the right of the page.

You may want to read what a few folks who are on the Prosperity Path are saying about their experience.

I've been optimistically expecting a breakthrough after 20+ years of work in the past couple of years. For the last 6 weeks been delving into askmatrix and running lots of prosperity orbs and listening to you at the ICW's.

A side note memory is beautiful and evokes mystery and wonder.

I've got no idea why or how it works...but it appears to be pulling together an energetic focus something like a magnifying glass. The fragmented, impossibly powerful momentum that needs to be harnessed for positive benefits finally appears to be mysteriously coming together.

Thank you doesn't quite do it. I'm very grateful for all your hard work (and everybody at the institute).


I really appreciate the orbs. As I run through them I feel myself like less determinated by organic restrictions, a new sense of freedom and a new wide vision of possibilities.

C.S. Spain

two nights ago, i was dreaming and realized that i was in the bardos. i think the gaming is helping create a continuity of consciousness.


Prosperity Path games are like getting a full astral body massage following a metaphysical fitness training session.


Dear Ej and the Godd team.

What a delight what a honor to have received The Prosperity Game.

When I first heard that it is possible to experience transformation through a video game I was skeptic and until now I haven`t played the video games that you have so strongly suggested.

When I heard that The Prosperity Game was coming I thought this time I am going to give it a try.

Wow this game is amazing when I play it I feel uplifted, attentive and present.

The results from my worldly life is also coming through....Yes I feel prosperous surrounded by abundance and a happiness that is almost too strong to contain.

My energy feels unlimited it is stable and intense and strong yet in the same time light and loving.

I feel like there has left a heavy burden off my shoulders.

So many things to mention...

I am deeply grateful and honored to have the privilige to be able to play this game and my great hope is that The Prosperity Game will touch as many people as possible especially kids in school.

Love and Gratitude

M.M. (Denmark)

"I think that the prosperity game is absolutely amazing, the bomb, a genius game even without acknowledging the self-help part and the magic field behind the shell.

It is gorgeous, fun and fast considering the graphics which are the best graphics I have ever seen on a game.

Although there are games that are photo-realistic war games, so you can really see someone get murdered with a real gun and people might believe that that quality is true apex. But those people are those people ... for now.

Peace out. You guys are the shit ..."

M.C. Canada