Anger Detox Cleansing Quantum Magic Video

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"the key to activation of the quantum effects of affirmation is to acknowledge the action, take responsibility for it, verbally as it happens, and stay with it to the end of the affirmation cycle. In order to acknowledge or agree, you can repeat each message verbally, silently or merely nod"

Offline version available as Instant Download

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This video is available as instant download in mp4 format. Now you can run the Quantum Magic Video anytime anywhere -- with or without bars and without data impact. Just download on wifi and play anywhere.

Professional Gaming Orb also Available
Anger Detox Orb

The link on the right will take you to the download page on payloadz. The Cleansing Orb, is a modest $5.99. This is a one-time fee. There are no in-game fees or charges.

Metatool Functions

ANGER DETOX -- Anger is a reaction to something, usually fear. Fear is all right, but its companion, "panic" usually runs the show, and I do mean "show" -- What happens is that the body-mind in panic begins a "display", meant to threaten and intimidate an enemy; yes, enemy. All body-mind reactions are reducible to only two: "Fight or Flight" & "Friend" or "safe". Sounds bloody minimal, but that's how Nature has to operate -- it's all very simple stuff made complex by numbers and variation. This Orb offers you an opportunity to grab the wheel and steer your own car straight. "Anger" is an ineffective state for which you give yourself permission and from which you expect to have your way. Well, stop it.

A Very Effective Online Tool

Anger detox is a very effective online tool, that will literally transform and clear anger -- whether it be anger that is build up over a long period of time or something that just cropped up because of a recent event.

Download & Run As Often As You'd Like

Just download the program once and run it as often as you like -- that's right, you can use the program over and over -- as many times as you want. Any positive feedback would be appreciated.

Some Testimonials

I have used the anger detox program often and find it to be one of the most effective online anger management tools i have tried.

if something get on my nerves, i make a 3 minute run (sometimes many)

I dont understand how it work but it does... especially if I run it in conjunction with the karma wash .

ANGER DETOX - a most useful tool. I feel refreshed, as if my guilt-ridden reaction-formation, trying to justify my anger, had boiled away and evaporated in the clear, cool, dry wind; I feel relieved. My soul bird's two companions, my feminine self and my masculine self, make a team, balanced and right, keeping things on an even keel. The presence of this Inner-dimensional Blacksmith is a reassuring one to me, helping me let down my guard. My anger (though not always) is to cover up my fear, and my humiliation at feeling fear, and with him around, what is there to fear?

The strange sounds of this run are powerful, coming from inside, assuaging the soul, its hard knocks wisdom seeming to say: We've had it harder than you ever will, for far longer, and it's okay. This is the wisdom we've given to you: sing your life from labor to birth to work to death; there's always song.

Whenever there is a need to cool out and play fair, or even nice, ANGER DETOX is the way to go.


This morning I played "Anger" it's a very peace powerful tool. Thanks very much to the Prosperity Path Team. It has washed my anger gently, opened my heart , relaxed me, and closed me to beauty. Thanks again.

S.B. -- Italy