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Your Pet Will Love You For This

The Pet Particle

Single Unit
Price: $39.95

The charm holds inside a fully functional higher space containing built-in magical relics. Inside is an enormous quantum level, all contained in a tiny bundle of pure emitted energy, activated by the radio waves emanating from the heart, which is itself a low-energy radio-wave transmitter, tempered by the radio-waves coming directly to Earth from the Big Bang and Stage 3 Stars.

The finer vibrations in the Pet Particle provide a sense of well-being and showers and nourishes your pet with your purified, directed and concentrated love. Connecting with those higher vibrations can foster calmness, dispel fears and lead your pet to a better quality of life.

When a pet is ill and there is little one can do in the organic world, it's good to know that it's possible to connect on another level which encompasses the organic but does not share the same limitations. Healing can occur on these levels, and spiritual healing can and often manifest in this world.

Limited Time Offer

Five (5) Units
Price: $100

Looks crazy doesn't it? Buy 1 for $39.95 or get 5 for $100. That's because we are doing everything we can to encourage you to introduce the Godd Particle to those you know -- loved ones and special friends.

So, yes, the deal is real and we hope you take us up on it.